Blockchain Gateway Technology

Ensure data security, immutability, and supply chain traceability

HIVE Architecture

Build a wireless network of smart sensors for multiple sensing points

Hyper-precise location

For indoor location monitoring

Real-time tracking

Deliver up-to-the-minute supply chain analytics

Always on reporting

Generate reports anywhere anytime

BI Forecasting

Data-driven predictive analytics

BriefTrace is the First Hard-coded Internet of Supply Chain (IoSC) Platform

Designed from the ground up to deliver real-time blockchain traceability


Nitsan Hadar

Head Of Global Pharma & Time Critical Division Manager at Mentfield

“BriefTrace has delivered phenomenal value by delivering blockchain powered data security and immutability to power a pharmaceutical grade compliant solution.”

Yuda Swid

Operations & Supply Chain Manager at Perrigo

“BriefTrace was instrumental in Perrigo’s digital supply chain transformation strategy. While the driver of our relationship with BriefTrace focused on indoor location monitoring – BriefTrace delivered phenomenal value by delivering blockchain capabilities to power no-touch transactions.

Internet of Supply Chain Edge Devices

Brieftrace IoSC edge devices are designed to enable transparency, security, and immutablity of multiple data across the entire supply chain. Interconnected by HIVE technology, the IoSC network logs blockchain transactions and provides real-time reporting to the TaaS cloud portal – including indoor location and environmental conditions.

CAMEA Reusable IoSC Hub

GEO Single Use IoSC Edge

SmartSensor data point

Real-time Environmental Monitoring

Track products across the entire supply chain

Cloud reporting & predictive analytics

Manage supply chain in real time and recommend best practices for future shipments

Deliver Blockchain Traceability

Enable transparency and immutability of supply chain ownership across multiple stakeholders.

Devices in Circulation

Blockchain transactions

Alerts generated

Traceability-as-a-service Cloud Platform

Combine blockchain traeability, real-time monitoring, and predictive analytics in one platform designed for the Internet of Supply Chain (IoSC)

About BriefTrace

Blockchain Traceability Technology in the Supply Chain

Brieftrace is the first hard-coded blockchain solution designed from the ground up to support food and drug traceability for the Internet of Supply chain (IoSC). The company’s patent pending Blockchain Gateway technology is pioneering drug and food tractability while complying with regulatory requirements – including the FDA’s DSCSA and GDP standards. 

Don't wait until 2023

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